Highbury Analytical Limited - Pricing Philosophy

We don't carry excessive overheard costs, and we try wherever possible to use the likes of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to deliver our objectives, removing the need for our customers to invest in expensive database software and web-based solutions in order to utilise and understand their data. We are therefore a more cost effective solution than you might imagine. We provide obligation-free fixed-cost plans in line with an agreed project plan before you even agree to appoint us, so you've got absolutely nothing to lose by speaking to us to discuss your project!

Rates and Costs

Our standard daily rate is £450 (+VAT) per day (based on an 8-hour day), plus any reasonable travel and/or accommodation costs required to complete the agreed objectives. We will always provide a fixed total cost in advance of any paperwork being signed based on the objectives and project plan we agree with you, so you will know exactly how much your project will cost you before you agree to appoint us. If it takes us longer to complete the agreed objectives than we originally quoted, then that's our loss - you won't pay a penny more. If we complete the work sooner, we will adjust the final invoice down accordingly. We provide all outputs to you using Microsoft Office based applications (eg Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and/or PDF, so there will be no additional costs for web development, software licencing or other technologies, just a simple, single flat-rate payment as agreed before the project begins.

Fancy a Chat About Your Requirements?

We're always very happy to speak with potential customers about their requirements, completely free of any obligation. Perhaps you don't know what's possible in terms of pulling together effective presentations of your data, or you think your requirements are going to cost you a fortune. Well, we're confident you'll find almost anything is possible, and that it will almost certainly cost you a fraction of what you think it will to transform your raw numbers into information that could take your business to the next level. No matter what your requirements, we'd be delighted to chat with you about what we might be able to do for your organisation. Please contact us by email on enquiries@highburyanalytical.co.uk or by telephone on 07794 457104.